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Lawrie Stove



Lawrie Stove is the Owner & MD of AquaMoor Ltd, which provides managed services to seaweed aquaculture including consenting, design, deployment and operations. Lawrie is focused on pioneering sustainable, commercial seaweed cultivation in Scotland, stewardship of Scotland’s marine resources, ecological enhancement through restorative aquaculture and building sustainable businesses in coastal communities.

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Fiona Houston



Fiona Houston is Founder and SeoEO of Mara Seaweed (Celtic Seaweed Company Ltd). Mara is a vertically integrated food brand harnessing the goodness of seaweed for food and human health.  Fiona founded the company in 2011, and has been pioneering developments in all aspects of the seaweed supply chain in Scotland.

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Richard Searle



Richard is currently a part-time consultant on the sustainable use of seaweeds, primarily kelps. His work includes a mixture of paid consultancies, in recent years for clients in the US, Chile, Norways, and the UK, and pro bono work mainly in the UK for Marine Biopolymers Limited.  Before retirement, more than 10 years ago, Richard was for 20 years, Director of Purchasing for the (then) world's larges producer of alginates, Kelco International Ltd.  As part of this role he was a director of seaweed companies in Scotland, South America, South Africa, Norway, China, and other places.  Before being involved with seaweeds Richard worked in a number of manufacturing industries in a variety of commercial roles. 

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Adam Hughes


With global food security becoming more dependant on food farmed in the sea, producing that food sustainably is becoming increasingly important. Adam is a researcher and senior lecturer in sustainable aquaculture focusing on the development of economically and environmentally sustainable production systems for marine plants and animals. Much of his work focuses on the diversification of the aquaculture industry into novel species and products.

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Peter Elbourne

Peter is a Marine Biologist (BSc at Bangor, 2003; PhD at Newcastle, 2009)
with a background in community development and consultancy on
sustainability, environmental management and business
development. Peter began working on seaweed in 2012 and is co-founder of New Wave Foods Ltd in 2015. He has experience in sustainable wild harvesting, processing for food applications and farming.