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SSIA is a membership organisation established to support seaweed producers and other associated businesses to safeguard seaweed processing in Scotland. Our aspiration is to promote seaweed businesses that are ecologically sound and commercially viable and operating within the current legal regulatory framework of the Scottish government.

To apply for SSIA membership or renew an existing membership, please complete the form below...

Membership Categories:

  • Full membership (£200/year) is for individuals or companies with a demonstrable commercial interest in seaweed, and its supply and value chain, operating within Scotland. Full members based outside Scotland need to be aware that any representation to regulatory authorities is currently limited to the devolved authorities in Scotland, unless there is an alignment of interest and regulatory jurisdiction (e.g. with UK and/or EU bodies) in which case SSIA could represent members' interests at a wider level.
    Full membership allows voting rights at AGM or EGM meetings, and the right to stand for election as a director.

  • Associate membership (£150) is for individuals or companies with a demonstrable commercial interest in seaweed, but without the necessity to be operating in Scotland or to have commercial interests in Scotland. SSIA actively welcomes associate members from elsewhere.

  • Student membership (£20) is for anyone showing evidence of student status with an interest in seaweeds. For student applications please email evidence of student status to

Full and Associate members will receive discounts to SSIA conference fees.  

SSIA directors retain the right to reject membership for individuals or companies who in the opinion of the directors are not supportive of SSIA aspirations and objectives.

Membership Application

Would you like to join or renew your membership?
Membership Type:

Payment Information

To finalise your membership please send payment to:



Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort Code: 83-26-04

Account No: 00200523

Seaweed Industry Association (Scotland) Ltd


Please PUT A REFERENCE ON YOUR BACS PAYMENT so that SSIA can identify you and your payment.  When submitting this Membership Form please attach a copy of your completed BACS form.

FOR STUDENT APPLICATIONS please email evidence of student status to





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